Series Name
Season 2, Episode 2
Air date November 17, 2009
Written by Andrei Clarke
Directed by Challenge Surf; dance off
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Quick Cash
The Princess Pride

The teams are participating in beach related challenges. One castmate attempts to surf well, while the her team captain wins both challenges. One of the cast members starts to think of forming an alliance, as she finally begins to show her real nature.

Plot Edit

The episode opens up with Lindsay saying she missed Geoff. Then Bridgette replies to that, that there is one less to care about. Chris is then showed serving some kind of disgusting slop to Courtney. Bridgette and Lindsay are eating, when Courtney approaches and asks if she can eat with them. Lindsay says sure to that and Bridgette says in the confessional that she prefers to have to friends, since she doesn’t like Courtney to begin with. After that, Gwen is shown playing a prank on the freshly arrived DJ, and to which neither he nor Bridgette like. Apparently, he forgave her despite Gwen lying to him about being sorry. Chris then approached them, and told Lindsay and Courtney to pick their teams. Lindsay got the privilege of picking her team first because he said she was the prettiest between her and Courtney. She chose DJ first, and then Courtney chose Bridgette. This shocked even Bridgette herself, due to their enmity. Lindsay then chose Gwen for her team. Chris christened Courtney’s team, the Screaming Gaphers,

The christening of the Screaming Gaphers


Picking the teams


Gwen and DJ hide the cars

and Lindsay’s The Killer Grips. He then went on to explain the challenge and movie genre, which was the Teen Movie genre. He told them to follow him to the beach, which turned out to be a lie, since the “beach” was just a very small tub with water. He explained that the person to stay on the board longest wins. He then asked for a volunteer, and no one moved, until Lindsay pushed DJ. But DJ forfeited the challenge, because he was afraid. Then it was Lindsay’s turn, but Chris blew a fan to her, making her fall. Bridgette was next, which showed she is an excellent surfer, although Chris pushed her down, and she failed at the challenge. Gwen was up next, and apparently she surfed OK, but Chris threw balls at her, making her fall into the pool. Courtney surfed after her, and even though Chris made everything to make her fail, his attempts fail, and thus the gaphers won the first challenge. Then, the cast appear out of the set where the surfing challenge took place, waiting for the car, so that they may go to the real bea

Killer Grips

{{ch. To the cast’s surprise, Chris was in fact saying the truth. After the trip, the reached to the “beloved” Total Drama Club again, where the next challenge would take place. Chris sent the cast to collect wood, which was just a distraction. During the search for wood, Gwen and DJ hid the cars so that they may stay a while back in TDC. Back to the challenge, Chris says that the final challenge is a watoosie, old-school, mash-potato dance contest. Courtney then says she will dance for the Gaphers, and that her nickname back home is LaCumbia, to which Bridgette says in the confessional she knows her real nickname is LaDorkney. DJ dances for the Grips, and he does a great job at it, but he drops at the sight of Courtney dance moves. This wins the Gaphers the challenge, and the reward, a Hawaiian Luau. The Gaphers are show enjoying their reward, and Chris closes the episode.

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  • The same car that appeared in quick cash, reappears in this episode.
  • Even though Lindsay says that she has a lot swim suits, the one she wears for this episode is quite not her style.

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  • When Lindsay and Bridgette are eating breakfast, they say that they like bacon and facon, but there is nothing in the table infront of them.

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