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Bridgette Female Screaming Gaffers TBA TBA Gwen


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Bridgette, labeled The Surfer Girl, was a camper on Total Drama Club on the Screaming Gophers team. She was chosen as a cast member on Total Drama Action, and was chosen by Courtney to be on her team. Played by Andrea Clarke, she is the surfer chick. She is a great surfer and has an indecisive attitude, being kind one minute, and then being rebellious and rude the next. She is pessimistic and optimistic. She has a dog named Snoopy, and an elder brother. She and Courtney are long rivals, which causes her to be so complaintful at times. Her great ability in athletics helped her reach the final two last season, but lost to Gwen in the final portion of the challenge. She placed 2nd, or Runner-up.

Total Drama Club Edit

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Bridgette in TDC

Bridgette was the third camper to reach at the Club. She brought along her surfboard, at which Gwen laughed at. She immediately became friends with Lindsay, when they decided to form an alliance. She also made friends with Gwen during the trust challenge, in the episode "Can I trust them?". She went surfing and swimming many a times, and made friends with Geoff, who was also into swimming. Overall, she was liked by every one, therefore she made it into the final two, where she lost to Gwen, which had set a trap for. Despite of this betrayal, Bridgette still considered Gwen a friend. Little by little she began to loose Lindsay's friendship, but at the end of the season, during the last challenge in "The very last challenge, not really!", Lindsay rooted for her, along with Geoff, and DJ. She also made quick enemies with Courtney, which she didn't talk to. This caused Bridgette to form an alliance with Geoff to vote off Courtney, at which Courtney was furious. It is unknown what will become of their enmity in Total Drama Movie.

Total Drama Movie Edit

Bridgette was allowed to return for the second season, since she tied along with the other 6 for the Prize money in the case when it was lost. She continues to sustain her rivalry with Courtney, although it seems she is not so much friends with Gwen now.

In Quick Cash, Bridgette and Courtney had their first discussion, coming out of the hotel room. She sees the five dollar big ones as a lot of money, although she prefers a little more, as stated in "Total Drama Drama Club Club"

. She was the first one to use the confessional in the series.
. She was forced to pair with Gwen to race the cars, and although she is strong in athletics, she lost to Courtney and Lindsay. This caused she and Gwen to have a huge discussion. In Beach Blanket Bogous , she said she didn't want to make friends, since Gwen's betrayal, and the enmity she has with Courtney. when Courtney was asked to choose her teammate, she chose Brigdette, despite their rivalry. This shocked even Bridgette herself. At the surfing challenge, she surfed really well, proving she is a great surfer, although Chris pushed her in to the pool, making her loose. At the sight of Courtney's dancing moves in the dance off challenge, Bridgette said she knew what Courtney's nickname was, La Dorkney. After all, she didn't win the challenge, but Courtney won it for them, which made her get along with Courtney, although if this is momentary, is unknown.
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Her rivalry with Courtney carries on....

Trivia Edit

  • She is the only girl in the series known to be a surfer.
  • She has an elder brother, who she looks up to.
  • It is confirmed that she has an aunt called Delia, who gave her a lucky charm.
    • Tyler also recieved a good luck charm from Delia, raising the idea that Bridgette and Tyler might be related.
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      Bridgette's Good luck charm

  • As mentioned in the special, she has a dog, a labrador named Snoopy.
  • She shits CONSTANTLY!