This season, there 6 out of the original 7 return for another awesome season.

These are:

Joellyn - lindsay

Lindsay’s role is performed by Joellyn Clarke. As her anime counterpart, she isn’t so bright, but is a fashionable girl who likes glamour. She is quite friendly and easy going with everyone, except Courtney, which she doesn’t like, but many a times is friendly to. She has a puppy named Ribbons, and three elder sisters. She placed 5th last season in Total Drama Club.

Andrea - bridgette

Played by Andrea Clarke, she is the surfer chick. She is a great surfer and has an indecisive attitude, being kind one minute, and then being rebellious and rude the next. She is pessimistic and optimistic. She has a dog named Snoopy, and an elder brother. She and Courtney are long rivals, which causes her to be so complaintful at times. Her great ability in athletics helped her reach the final two last season, but lost to Gwen in the final portion of the challenge. She placed 2nd, or Runner-up.


Joelisa - gwen

Gwen, played by Joelisa Clarke, is the goth, mischievous and rude girl of the show. She sometimes has a dark side, but is very silly at times too. She likes to pick on DJ, whom she thinks is a weak competition. So far, she has not made any enemies, and has portrayed to be trustworthy, whilst in fact, she is not. She was the winner of last season.


Joshany - geoff

Joshany Clarke plays the role of Geoff. He is the party guy, who likes money a lot. He likes to be in charge, and doesn’t like following orders nor rules. He is free spirited, and reluctantly came to the show. He was furious when he lost to Gwen and Bridgette last season, earning him the title of 3rd place.


Joellie - courtney

Courtney is played by Joellie Clarke. She is the most mean least like cast mate in the set. Apart from her haughty and bossy attitude, she is very mean to all and very demanding. She hates loosing, and after loosing last season, she was inspired to win at all costs, being a master strategist, including making alliances and well, being mean and bossy. Her mortal enemy is Bridgette, although they get along some times. She has placed 4th last season on Total Drama Club.


DJ is played by Kendale Buttler, and is the softy. He is a quiet and nice person, who doesn’t attract a lot of attention. Although he is quiet most of the time, sometimes, he does get out. He likes to make friends, but doesn’t like the way Gwen bothers him so much. He placed 6th last season, and due to him being too quiet, not much is known.


Tyler (not returning from last season)

Aiden -Tyler

Tyler, played by Aiden Alfaro, is the jock of the show. He had a relationship with Lindsay, but it didn’t work out, since he didn’t return to the show. He is rude and hyper active, and is known to have 3 fishes. He has an aunt who gave him a good luck charm, which he has worn ever since. He placed 7th last season, and due to his lack of speaking English, Chris didn’t allow him to return to the show.