Joellie - courtney
Name Sex Original Team Rank Episode voted off Friends Enemies Fears Actress
Courtney Female Screaming Gaffers TBA TBA Lindsay (sometimes) Everyone except Friends Loosing again, Her parents Joellie Clarke

Courtney, labeled The Type A of the group, was a camper from Total Drama Club on the Killer Bass

team. She is still competing as the central antagonist. Courtney is played by Joellie Clarke. She is the most mean and least like cast mate in the set. Apart from her haughty and bossy attitude, she is very mean to all and very demanding. She hates loosing, and after loosing last season, she was inspired to win at all costs, being a master strategist, including making alliances and well, being mean and bossy. Her mortal enemy is
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Courtney and Bridgette Enmity

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Courtney in Total Drama Club

Bridgette, although they get along some times. She has placed 4th last season on Total Drama Club.

Total Drama Club Edit

Courtney was the 4th camper to reach at the club. She came as a great person, even hugging Chris and waving hello to everyone else. This caused Bridgette to tell Geoff how Courtney was a total suck up, to which Courtney over-heard. Later in Not so happy Clubers she was placed in the Killer Bass team. Her rivalry with Bridgette was heated even more in Super Dodgeball when she threw a ball purposely at Bridgette, to which she threw even harder, hitting even Chris. To this Chris disqualified both of them, and since Gwen was still in the game, the Gophers won the challenge. At the elimination ceremony in That’s off the chane, the teams were already merged, and its where Bridgette made her move, and convinced Gwen and Geoff to get Courtney kicked off, earning her the title of 4th place. Before leaving the club, she told Bridgette and Geoff what backstabbing things Gwen had said of them. During the final challenge, she cheered on for Gwen despite she being responsible in part for her elimination. She tied with the other five to return for TDM.

Total Drama Movie Edit

She reached at the studio set along with Geoff, Gwen and Bridgette. Even before Chris arrived, she and Bridgette had their first discussion. Later on in Quick Cash, she chose the recently arrived Lindsay to team up with, and in doing so, won the challenge. In Beach Blanket Bogous, she chose Bridgette to be on her team, which sent shock waves to the others, and even shocked Bridgette. It is unknown whether she and Bridgette will become friends, as seeing how they are in the same team, an the need to work together.