Name Sex Original Team Rank Episode voted off Friends Enemies Fears Actor
DJ Male Killer Grips TBA TBA BridgetteTyler Courtney Snakes, Cliffs Kendale Butler

Doris "D.J." Jenath, labeled The Quiet Nice Dude, was a camper on Total Drama Club on the Screaming Gophers team. He also was a cast member on Total Drama Movie on the Killer Grips. He is a quiet and nice person, who doesn’t attract a lot of attention. Although he is quiet most of the time, sometimes, he does get out. He likes to make friends, but doesn’t like the way Gwen bothers him so much. He placed 6th last season, and due to him being too quiet, not much is known.

Total Drama Club Edit

Dj was the 6th camper to reach. He didn’t make any big commotion at his arrival, and simply boarded his bike, put it aside, and went to stand aside the others. He made friends with Tyler and Bridgette. Chris put him in the screaming gophers along with Bridgette and Lindsay. Lindsay didn’t like him, and since her and Courtney made and inter-team alliance, Courtney somehow tricked Bridgette into giving DJ the boot. He left the club, just as he arrived, saying absolutely nothing. He cheered on for Bridgette despite she voting for him, but he did so because he said he wanted to cheer for his former teammate. He teamed with Tyler and Bridgette, his only friends in the show. He made it to tie for the $5 case, and therefore managed to return for season two.

Total Drama Movie Edit

Like Lindsay, he didn’t reach at the studio lot with others, but didn’t appear at all during the first episode. He appeared until episode 2, apparently joining the show off-screen, since he was having breakfast with the others in the morning. He the first person Lindsay picked for her team, meaning that now she probably likes DJ now that Tyler is gone. Despite this, he didn’t have the guts to surf over the pool, and forfeited it for his team. He did make up for this during the dance-off, showing he has some moves. He was doing great, but fell to the ground at the sight of Courtney’s dance moves.

Trivia Edit

  • His complete name is Doris Jenath. This was revealed during the special, where his mother sent him a letter, and Gwen saw it and started annoying him.
  • As he mentioned to Bridgette, he has a 2 pet bunnies at home, apart from the one he found in “Ba-six straining”.