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Name Sex Original Team Rank Episode voted off Friends Enemies Fears Actress
Gwen Female Killer Grips TBA TBA Geoff


Courtney Spiders; Teddy Bears Joelisa Clarke

Gwain, also known as The Loner and Goth Girl was a camper on Total Drama Club on the Screaming Gophers team where she was the Winner. She was a cast member on Total Drama Movie and is on the Killer Grips. Gwen, played by Joelisa Clarke, is the goth, mischievous and rude girl of the show. She sometimes has a dark side, but is very silly at times too. She likes to pick on DJ, whom she thinks is a weak competition. So far, she has not made any enemies, and has portrayed to be trustworthy, whilst in fact, she is not. She was the winner of last season.

Poopy Drama Babies Edit

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Gwen in TDC

Gwen was the second camper to reach at the Club. She laughed as soon as Bridgette arrived at the club because she brought her surf board along with her. Gwen made friends with most of the campers, even with Courtney for a while. Her best friend on the club was Geoff, who she used to hang a lot. She helped her team/gophers/ win many challenges, for example, during the dodge ball challenge in “Super DodgeBall!”. Geoff and her started an alliance in “Not so Happy Clubers”, although Courtney managed to break it up as she yelled to Gwen the back stabbing things Geoof said about her when she left the island. This made Gwen angry, and she and Bridgette formed a temporary alliance with her to vote off Geoff, and therefore, making it all to the end, where she had to face against Bridgette. Although every one thought she was a good person, she shocked everyone by setting a trap for Bridgette, and in doing so, won the final    Poopy Drama Castle

Gwen was allowed to return for the second season, since she tied along with the other 6 for the Prize money in the case when it was lost. She hasn’t made any enemies as of now, but we will see as the season progresses.

In Quick Cash, she arrived at the Studio set along with everyone else. She laughed at the idea of the Gilded Chris, although she said she wanted one. She was forced to pair with Bridgette for the race, implying that she still might be friends with her. Later on though, when they lost, she called Bridgette a loser, meaning that maybe she may decide not to be Bridgette’s friend. In the girls cabin that night, she seemed happy to be paired with Bridgette on the same bunk, and was also seen talking with her.

In Beach Blanket Bogous she started to show her real side, playing pranks on DJ, and afterwards playing innocent to be forgiven by him. When Chris told Lindsay and Courtney to pick their teams, Lindsay picked Gwen, and Gwen joined willingly. This might show that Gwen may still be friends with Lindsay. In the end, her team lost the challenge, but it wasn’t an elimination challenge; to her relief.