Joellyn - lindsay
Name Sex Original Team Rank Episode voted off Friends Enemies Fears Actress
Lindsay Female Killer Grips TBA TBA Gwen Geoff Bridgette Tyler Courtney Having no make-up; Being ugly Joellyn Clarke

Lindsay, labeled The Dumb Princess, was a camper from Total Drama Club on the Screaming Gophers team. She was a cast member on Total Drama Movie and is on the Killer Grips. Lindsay’s role is performed by Joellyn Clarke. As her anime counterpart, she isn’t so bright, but is a fashionable girl who likes glamour. She is quite friendly and easy going with everyone, except Courtney, which she doesn’t like, but many a times is friendly to. She has a puppy named Ribbons, and three elder sisters. She placed 5th last season in Total Drama Club.

Total Drama Club Edit

Lindsay arrived at the club in style, of course, with a Pink Bicycle, instead of the rusty black everyone came in. She was the fourth to arrive, and quickly threw an eye a Tyler when he arrived at the club. Their relationship grew closer and closer, but was interrupted when, because of Courtney, Tyler was voted off, leaving their relationship in the unknown. However she moved on, believing Courtney was not involved in Tyler’s elimination. Nevertheless, when she found out what Courtney had done, she decided to vote her off, but it was already too late, and Courtney had convinced Gwen and Geoff. She was voted off right after Tyler, and after the teams were merged. During the final challenge, she rooted for Gwen, implying that she might have not known that she voted her off. She paired with Geoff during the case hunt in TDDCC and was allowed back for season two because she tied with the other 5.

Lindsay in Total Drama Club

Lindsay in Total Drama Club

Total Drama Movie Edit

Along with the others, Lindsay arrived in her own timing, as usual, which infuriated Chris. Luckily, Chris permitted her back seeing as how Geoff had left the competition, and DJ was nowhere to be found. She was chosen by Courtney to be on her team for the race challenge, raising doubt on whether she still continues to see Courtney as a friend. This argument is furthered in Beach Blanket Bogous when Chris tells them to get ready to pick teams, Courtney tells her, “we are not gonna get competitive, right?” to which she answered “no, we learned from last season”. She is currently the captain of the Killer Grips, to which she has not done a great job so far. It is unknown if she holds a grudge or even knows that Gwen voted for her last season, since she gladly chose her for the team.

Trivia Edit

  • She has bathing suits for every season
  • She is revealed to have 3 sisters, one named Joena.
  • She likes bacon