Series Name
Season 2, Episode 1
Air date November 5th 2009
Written by Andrei Clarke
Directed by Challenge - Find their way to the cars; race all the way to the cast trailers
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Beach Blanket Bogous

After one contestant leaves the game, the final four compete in a quick race car flick. One of the girls wins the challenge along with another one. In the end, the cast are left to wait for the late cast member.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with the contestant arriving at the studio set. Bridgette and Courtney have a brief discussion, as they exit the bus. They continue discussing about the $5 prize. Chris then arrives with the car, and everyone boards, however Lindsay nor DJ doesn’t. Chris gives the cast an overview of the studio set, and explains that they’ll be spending the next six weeks competing against each other and for rewards. He then goes to show the cast the lame-o-sine, at which the cast laughs at. The confessional stall is next explained. Chris shows the craftsman services tent, where they will be having their meals (with the exception of Chris). The scene cuts to where the Gilded Chris Ceremony takes place, where all but one loser, will receive a Gilded Chris Award.

Gilded Chris Award Ceremony

Gwen then laughs at the idea of the Gilded Chris, but that she still wants one. Chris later says that how they are in a studio set, the season’s challenges will be based on movie genres, and goes on to explain their first challenge; race to where the cars are. Chris says “Action!”, to which no one moves. Chris says that it means go. They then move to the next challenge. But before Chris can explain it, he notices something; Geoff is missing. He asks the cast if they have seen him anywhere, but they have not. Just then, Lindsay arrives at the studio set. Chris, already ticked off, asks Lindsay why she is so late, at which she replies that she was getting gorgeous, which makes Chris laugh. Lindsay says she saw Geoff leaving the studio set and saying he had no intention of ever returning. This makes Chris angrier, yet he goes on to say he doesn’t care about that. He also asks where DJ is. Lindsay says she has no idea, but Chris says that he thinks he will be there tomorrow.

The cars for the race

After the incident, Chris explains their second part of the challenge, which is to pick a person to be their team mate, and a car to race all around the studio set. Courtney picks Lindsay, and Bridgette reluctantly chooses Gwen. Chris laughs because Courtney picked the best car first, and Bridgette got the crappiest car Chef made. Chris explains that this is a reward challenge, and that their reward is being able to pick the teams this season. Chris then says “Action!”, and the race begins. At first Courtney and Lindsay had the advantage, but later, it turned out tragic when Courtney became tired and had to stop. At that moment, Gwen and Bridgette overtaked them, and as they were laughing at the other team, crashed into a rock, which sent them tumbling, giving Courtney and Lindsay the lead once again. Just then, Lindsay sees that Gwen is coming closer, so she speeds up. Gwen then comes to their side, and both Bridgette and Gwen give them a bad glance, to which Courtney sees through. She realizes they are planning to crash into them, and with quick thinking, stops the car. This sends Gwen and Bridgette crashing into a bucket, leaving Courtney and Lindsay as the winners. Chris come to congratulate Courtney and Lindsay on their win, but then says that they will be competing against each other, to which none of them are happy. Chris says they have to wake up early, so they better get to sleep. In the girls cabin, the girls have trouble deciding on who to bunk with, but at last, it is resolved. Chris then signs off the episode.

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Trivia Edit

  • Although there are 6 cast members, only 5 were featured in this episode.
  • The most characters seen at one time is five.
    • This is so because when Geoff left, DJ wasn't present.
  • DJ did not appear in this episode.
  • Bridgette was the first to use the confessional.
  • The first person eliminated without a Gilded Chris ceremony was Geoff. Incidentally, he said he wanted to win some “moo-lah”.
  • Cast members who used the confessional were Bridgette and Gwen.
  • The Gilded Chris Ceremony Award has six seats, one for each cast mate, should everyone be present at the same time.
  • During the race, if you can see clearly, one of Bridgette’s feet is stuck in the car when they crash against the rock.
  • The same car that is shown at the beginning of the episode, is the same one that Courtney chose for the race.

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The cast reach the studio lot


The girls cabin


Gwen and Bridgette fight over their loss