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Name Sex Original Team Rank Episode voted off Friends Enemies Fears Actor
Tyler Male Killer Bass 5th TBA LindsayGeoff CourtneyBridgette Jumping on a trampoline Aiden Alfaro

(Not Returning) Tyler, labeled The Jock, was a camper on Total Drama Club on the Killer Bass team. He is unqualified to compete on Total Drama Movie. He had a relationship with Lindsay, but it didn’t work out, since he didn’t return to the show.

Total Drama Club Edit

Tyler was the final camper to reach at the club. He quickly threw an eye to Lindsay, to which she responded. They liked each other, but preferred to keep it quiet, since Bridgette and Courtney like to annoy them. He didn’t win any challenges or invincibility for his team, and he didn’t survive the first Bass elimination, since Courtney conspired against him alongside Geoff. Lindsay was very sad at this, but moved on. He was voted off right before the teams were merged, and was reunited off screen with Lindsay. He cheered for Bridgette for the last challenge, strongly supporting the idea that he and Bridgette might be related. In the special, he paired with Bridgette and DJ, but was the only camper not to tie for the case, and this, along with his lack of English, made Chris prevent him from returning. From this, his relationship with Lindsay is unknown.

Total Drama Movie Edit

He was not allowed to return for TDM, and has yet to make an appearance, but likely he will appear in TDM: The Aftermath Show.

Trivia Edit

  • It was revealed in the special, that his last name is “Flint”
  • He has suffered diarrhoea in the past.
  • He has an aunt who gave him a goodluck charm, which he has worn ever since.
    • Bridgette has one that looks almost the same, and received it from her aunt too, raising the idea that Tyler and Bridgette might be related.
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      Tyler's Charm