Evil player  satobages a Mean girl while doing a relay race cause her to be eliminated


Ranli ;Last time on Poopy Drama Hanaria Island we had 24 contestants compete for the billon dollars and they don't know how hard is it.laughs.Who will be eliminated.Who be dead.Find out right now on Poopy Drama Hanaria Island.All;What.Ranli;Yes,You must do it or you won't get a billon dollars.All;Fine.Ranli;The first pair is Lanffor  and       Iznale.Iznale;Good luck,Lanffor.Lanffor passes to Brican.Brican passes to every other member.Team Zuzoki is almost done.Ranli said.Haroon and Malinan  vs Ranna and Asan . 2 hours later.Team Naran wins again.Team Zuzoki GRRS at Malinan while Haroon laughs.


The Bottom two are Haroon and Malinan.Haroon gets the final marshmallow.While Malinan takes the Platform of Death.While She screams.

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